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We are passionate about working with companies and designers that are ethically run. Their story and background has to be appealing and an added bonus is when they work and produce in the community where they are founded.


Adam Selman Sport combines the designer's signature playfulness with performance-driven activewear. Best known for his eclectic runway shows, designer Adam Selman’s first foray into activewear includes functional, performance-driven pieces infused with his signature playfulness.

The new Adam Selman Sport collection, cheekily dubbed A.S.S. for short, sets out to fill a pizzaz gap in studio-to-street fashion. “When I was researching the landscape, I really felt like fun was missing from the market,” says the designer, who’s also fronted his own ready-to-wear line since 2013. “Everything felt very sweet, fresh-air, safe, or black. Nothing in between.”



SPORT.LES bring you the ethical curated collection from Adam Selman. The line, which is almost entirely sustainable, sees Selman pivoting completely to athletic-wear and athleisure. They started developing the line with sustainable efforts from the beginning. "We found recycled nylon spandex for the core fabric we are using, and investigated different print techniques for our labels and hangtags using less toxic printing and water-based finishes." Selman knows he has even further to go, but the fact that he wants to push himself to be even more conscious is what separates (his) ASS from the rest.

Check out ADAM SELMAN's for more info


Best known for his eclectic runway shows, designer Adam Selman's first foray into activewear includes functional, performance-driven pieces infused with his signature playfulness. The American designer's first foray into athletic wear champions fashion and functionality for all, now available at


Titled Adam Selman Sport—or A.S.S.—it is the designer’s first foray into the activewear arena and draws inspiration from many different eras of American sportswear. Featuring mesh leggings, supportive sport bras and core tops, the new collection builds on the playful and sexy spirit of Selman’s previous work. Also, with sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, there’s guaranteed to fit all taste levels and lifestyles. Sexy and body positive? Yes, please.


Born in Los Angeles, Alo Yoga is a high-performance activewear brand for Women. Alo Yoga is committed to creating great activewear that is of high quality, innovative fabrics and trendy designs.

Alo Yoga craft breathtaking Yoga pieces of the highest fashion standard. Each of their garments is carefully selected by a design team of yoga enthusiasts who test it to ensure it is the finest, most comfortable leggings, sports bras.


At Alo they’re all about keeping things kind and clean, from the way they make their clothes to the amount of daily waste they produce (their awesome office recycling program reduces it down to that of a household!). They’re 100% sweatshop free and they’ve worked hard to earn a globally-accredited platinum certification from WRAP, the largest independent watchdog organization, which verifies that their factories and offices operate in the most ethical way.


Athletic Propulsion Labs was founded in 2009 by twins Adam and Ryan Goldston in Los Angeles, with the goal of creating the world’s most luxurious and innovative athletic footwear that delivers serious comfort through all aspects of your life. APL has grown from their original running shoe that was famously banned by the NBA for providing an unfair competitive advantage, to tech-forward running shoes, slides, and everyday sneakers that never sacrifice style.



APL sits at the intersection of luxury and performance, creating the world's finest footwear for optimum comfort for all aspects of your lifestyle from training to travel and everything in between. Made with innovative materials, APL sneakers provide ample comfort and support for the gym—and beyond.


Originating from Seoul, Korea, BALSA 201 is the benchmark of style and sport. Balsa 201 merges functionality with fashion.

We are excited to introduce the Active in Style girl to this seriously edgy brand that will help make transitioning from work to workouts effortlessly chic. Balsa 201 has a fantastic range of bags, whether it's for a long trip or a quick coffee locally.


Balsa's 201 bags are high-end premium sports bags for your gym, made with the finest eco-friendly fabrics, as well as with a highly respectful commitment.


From the beach to the streets, the Beach Riot babe is a new wave feminist; a stunning rebel who lives life to the fullest and colors outside the lines. A boss babe by day and a party rioter by night the BR Babe has it all.

Her style is modern and unapologetically bold, yet always effortlessly chic. Sunkissed year round with an ‘I woke up like this’ look, the Beach Riot babe is the perfect mix of California cool and modern magnetism. She’s spontaneous and always ready to jetset around the globe!


Beach Riot is a L-A-based clothing company that produces swimwear and yoga-inspired activewear for a babe on the go. She sweats her heart out in style and follows up her workout with a champagne brunch with her squad.  Beach Riot uses the highest quality fabrics and garments right in USA.


Beyond Yoga L.A is one of few companies still 100% manufactured in the USA for women of all shapes and sizes, they carry extended sizes that range from XXS to 3X. Female-found and run, because empowered women empower women, Beyond Yoga designs have high standards and super low maintenance. Designed by women, made for women or anyone with athleisure goals.  


At Beyond Yoga, they are dedicated to transparent, ethical and responsible practices that support the people we work with. We aim to produce our clothing locally, crafted with love in our LA offices and facilities.They cross oceans to responsibly source the most luxe fabrications out there. By leveraging the expertise of their international partners, they are able to utilize the most cutting-edge and conscientious practices.


Jodi Guber Brufsky and Michelle Wahler are the Founder and Co-Founder of Beyond Yoga. Coming from the fashion and entertainment world, they realized the need for a body positive brand with pieces that flatter a wide range of women’s bodies.

Now, Beyond Yoga is one of few companies still 100% manufactured in the USA for women of all shapes and sizes.


At Beyond Yoga, they are dedicated to transparent, ethical and responsible practices that support the people we work with. By leveraging the expertise of their international partners, they are able to utilize the most cutting-edge and conscientious practices.

From the growing and harvesting of Pima Cotton to the final sewing and all the processes in between, their approach is always clean and responsible. All of Beyond Yoga's global manufacturing partners are WRAP certified, an independent team of global social compliance experts who are dedicated to promoting safe, lawful, humane, and ethical manufacturing. More than anything, they are passionate about going above and beyond to produce clothing that makes you look good, feel good and is good for our planet.

Check out Beyond Yoga's web page for more info


The Blanc Noir Brand was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1989. Driven by a simple yet striking aesthetic, this iconic fashion house has excelled at perfecting active lifestyle apparel spanning nearly 3 decades. Blanc Noir offers stylish cross-performance clothing that not only covers the 1 hour in the gym, but also the other 23 hours in the day - where life’s adventure truly lives.


Blanc Noir defines this new era in Functional Fashion by combining the latest innovative fabric technology and utilitarian details to motivate and uphold the high tech lifestyles we live. They understand that today’s consumers demand clothing that seamlessly carries them from morning coffee - the gym - client meeting - to a night on the town. Blanc Noir is fast becoming the go to brand of choice for the consumer that has to meet all the challenges of the 24/7 lifestyle.


DAUNTLESS is a Luxury Women's sustainable brand born in New York City. It deems itself as the cruelty-free brand. Mixing sustainability and fashion in a collection of high-end designs, founder Paula Maldonado has made the brand all the way to the market. She says Dauntless is marketed not only for vegans and cruelty-free consumers. Maldonado aimed it to anyone who is appreciative of the brand’s line of beautifully crafted clothes designed to fit any woman.


Their mission is to create socially conscious fashion through high-end designs, top quality fabric, and well-tailored fashion-forward forward customers. Dauntless is founded by Paula Maldonado who is a New York-based entrepreneur with the experience in design and art direction in the luxury market segment that launched the brand to showcase that great design can be sustainable.


Electric and Rose is the perfect designer for you if beach yoga, sunset surf and hikes in the canyon spark are your vibe. Electric & Rose’s activewear and loungewear is known and loved for their most famous and iconic print: the tie-dye.

The tie-dye inspiration came from Erin's - Electric & Rose Co-Founder- love of Shiburi, a Japanese manual resist dyeing technique that produces patterns on fabrics. What started as a hobby making these creations with family and friends eventually inspired the hand-dye techniques Electric & Rose has become known and loved for.


Electric & Rose designs sustainable clothes made in Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

Versatility and personality are stitched into each of their lounge and activewear designs, made by ultra-luxurious sustainable materials that help you embrace an active lifestyle.


Best U studio began as a workout studio in West Hollywood in 2015. They wanted to create a space where the movement was incredible, and equally important was the space where you could laugh and honor however you were feeling that day.The original Ubarre came as a physical representation of this: A "U" barre for U. Movement inspired by design.

That same philosophy applies to best U today. Through videos, events, and our line of workout equipment. Equipt Movement wanted to create something that could seamlessly blend into your life. That when you saw it, you may be inspired to move. As mothers they understand time scarcity. Adding a five minute arm workout with a baby in one hand and a UBarre in the other is just one way we believe that movement is crucial thru life.


Their signature Ubarre. American made and patented design created to be seen and used. Browse our classics collection and the metallic collection. They believe in crafting quality luxury workout equipment.


Ernest Leoty are fashion industry professionals who create tailored activewear. Focused on style, comfort, and technical performance, they help women integrate well-being into their daily lives. Their team brings together creative minds who work with French couture brands and technical experts who have designed gear for Olympic athletes. We make sportswear with a Parisian sensibility, drawing flattering lines on durable fabrics.The result is chic, feminine, and functional.


Ernest Leoty’s original corsets can be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Their contemporary designs belong in the streets, cafes, and parks outside. They embrace new sustainable fabrics and technology, and never sacrifice elegance.


Founded in 2014, Heroine Sport is transforming the activewear industry though it's bold designs and innovation. Drawing inspiration from high fashion and using cutting edge performance technology, Heroine Sport artfully crafts this hybrid collection. The company is headquartered in New York City and proudly "MADE IN USA". Their namesake, Heroine, is an extension of our customer: a women distinguished ny strengths, endurance and empowerment. 'We workout and we like to show it off', is the Heroine attitude.


Heroine Sport is an innovative ethical clothing brand reusing old fabrics to make new trendy pieces. Combining high-tech performance fabrics with flattering cuts, the brand’s hybrid activewear can be worn in and out of the gym. Irina Shayk and Selena Gomez are fans of the signature ‘X’ sports bra.


SPORT.LES has been creating a premium fitness accessories line with versatility, quality and on-trend style: LES FIT. These new luxury workout accessories are an exclusive fitness equipment range tailored to the training needs of fitness enthusiasts who also appreciate modern and fashion design.


At SPORT.LES we only create premium accessories with a deep respect for the environment and Comunity. In every working out, our signature luxury equipment, yoga mats and accessories let you express your confidence and full self-love.


Live The Process is an ethically designer made in America by women who are dedicated to creating your high quality product. Their high standards of care for this creative process come from the dream to make the world a better place. From the cutting of our luxurious fabrics to the packaging that your items are shipped in, they make sure every step of our process is helping achieve the goal of reducing environmental impact and embracing American labor.

They believe the linking of breath and movement—and the relationship between action and experience—brings balance to our four pillars: physical, emotional, intellectual and transformational.


Each Live the process piece not only looks beautiful and reflects a conscious lifestyle, but also allows you to perform at your best thanks to high-tech innovations like four-way stretch, breathability, heat reduction, moisture wicking and wind repellent fabrications.


LNDR pieces are specially designed taking into consideration the modern active lifestyle we as individuals have. All the clothes are crafted to be of high quality, effortlessly worn and functional.

Each of the LNDR pieces is great not just for casual everyday wear but for technical performance wear too. Their wool coats are made with special weatherproof fabrics, while throw-on wardrobe staples with heat regulating ideology are ideal for travel. LNDR's clothing range is known for its Quality, Comfort as well as providing great fitness functionality.


LNDR's clothing range is known for its Quality, Comfort as well as their ethical practice. This brand was created by a group of professionals within the fashion industry who came together to make clothing that embodies the ideals and lifestyle that are all so passionate about.


MICHI is an activewear brand crafted by Michelle Watson in 2010. She previously worked for Ralph Lauren and developed the idea for work-out wear that stands out from the crowd. Her clothing range offers optimal performance combined with high-end sportswear apparel. She crafted her own designs by using luxurious fabrics, stitching and sewing them in her home before testing them on the streets. Michelle moved to Toronto in order to be closer to her manufacturer, where all MICHI clothing range is manufactured using only the best fabrics from Italy and Switzerland.


MICHI is the original innovator of edgy mesh inserts, micro-mesh paneled performance leggings, and multi-strap sports bras, being one of the first innovative ethical fashion brands in the world.


MZ Wallace was created in the year 2000 by Monica Zwirner and Lucy Wallace Eustice. They are both native New Yorkers, who inspired by the city life, wanted to design a distinctively different accessories range for women who have dynamic lives. They launched the Metro Quilted series back in 2010. MZ Wallace loves Nylon as a fabric considering its soft, lightweight and their bags hold a luxurious look and feel in this fantastic fabric.


Ranging from lightweight bags to leather, the craftsmanship, durability and style will always prevail in their collection. All MZ Wallace ladies bags are made with sustainable high quality and purpose to every woman.


Onzie was born in Venice Beach, CA, which is the center of creativity, innovation and active living. ONZIE is a premium women's activewear brand Created by a 20 year Bikram Yogi, Kimberly Swarth. ONZIE clothing from Sport.les shop has a wide variety of yoga pants, sports bras, leggings, shorts, tops & tanks, bottoms, Capri, jackets, outerwear and our BEST SELLER: High Rise Legging Leopard.


All Onzie's clothes go through a consistent quality and performance testing so that we produce the very best for our customers. By the time you wear Onzie clothes, they’ve already met with the highest quality standards. Plus, as the production is local, with 99% of our sewing, cutting and dyeing happening in LA.


P.E Nation was incepted in Sydney, Australia by designers Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning. Ever since it was launched in 2016, P.E Nation's range of street and sportswear has increased to include technical activewear, retro-inspired streetwear, footwear, eyewear, and accessories.

2018 saw the introduction of menswear, new capsules, and international collaborations for the brand. P.E Nation is a brand that reflects the busy lifestyles of Pip and Claire and their need for a multi-faceted activewear. They both saw the gap in the market and both the friends, who have a great history in fashion got together to create P.E.Nation.


Their design and excellent business pedigree together with a clear vision for the brand and the future of the integrity in fashion made P.E Nation one of the most important ethical activewear premium brand.  


SHASHI is a brand that is both owned by real women. Designed by women for everyone, SHASHI is
National Women Business Owners Corporation Member. These women are yogis, dancers, barre instructors, moms and real queens.

They focus on the details! Performance fabrics in their socks, such as COOLMAX®, is what sets SHASHI apart from the competition. The result: a hygienic, functional and cool sock that combines fun and funky for all of us who want high-quality performance without giving up style. SHASHI is the patented performance mesh sock that you can wear wherever you go!


SHASHI is a proud supporter of young designers, featuring London designer Fayenique, and a ethically sourced company: They’re a company that believes in good corporate citizenship and in giving back. SHASHI believes that even the smallest contributions can lead to change.


Solid and Striped was first inspired to launch a swim brand while hanging out in the Hamptons and seeing a friend's dad hit the pool in an old school suit with classic appeal.From the finest globally sourced fabrics designed with elegant taste for effortless essentials for the leisure life. Curated choosing beautiful prints and silhouettes from beach, pool party, to the yacht.


If you like minimalist designs without the annoying underwires, Solid & Striped has a lot to offer in terms of comfort and leisure. Stay fashionable and comfortable without ever compromising quality, integrity and style with the Solid & Striped swimwear.


Spiritual Gangster Women's Activewear has been inspired by individuals from all over the world like Yogis, athletes, artists, and musicians. It is a brand that has been created to combine ancient wisdom with modern culture.

Spiritual Gangster clothing is all about casual and comfort. Their collections are made from fine fabrics and encourage high vibration practices like Yoga. Spiritual Gangster has great yoga tops that inspire creativity and positivity. Their Yoga sweatpants, leggings, sweatshirts are made from fantastic fabrics that are super-soft, keeping you warm.


Spiritual Gangster is a brand that not only helps your body and mind achieve their potential; you are getting to know a brand of activewear ethical clothing that is intuitive enough to give you comfort and confidence. Spiritual Gangster is a high quality eco-friendly activewear brand that offers brand new ways to add more joy and enthusiasm in your life.


While the days are kept busy and one’s free time becomes fleeting, finding the hours to keep active and stay fit is put on the back burner. THE UPSIDE strives towards the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle made attainable through activewear that is informed by fashion without abandoning functionality.

Living between New York and Hawaii and practicing yoga daily, THE UPSIDE’s Founder Jodhi Meares identified a gap in the market for activewear informed by fashion. THE UPSIDE’s early ethos laid in establishing a bold brand that catered to sartorially sophisticated and time savvy individuals who led demanding lives but cherished their training.


THE UPSIDE was born to fill that void for men and women alike. Now 4 years old, the Sydney based brand has earned its place as one of the top conscious activewear labels in the global market without abandoning functionality, respectful and premium style.


Transience was created in 2013 by British designer Sarah Clarkson. The Transience is known for its luxury leather goods in particularly handbags, carryalls, travel bags, yoga bags that suit and adapt to the lifestyle and demands needs of customers and individuals who are always out and about.


Transience has been specially crafted using non-traditional “folding” technique, are delicately hand-cut, sewn and individually number-stamped by Sarah and her team of local leather seamstresses in her New York City studio.


Vaara understands. At the heart of their brand is a genuine affinity with the health-conscious woman and her innate understanding of style. From the way she cares for her body to the clothes she chooses to wear, her poise is distinct.

Selecting the finest materials, caring for the detail and working with only the best makers in the world, they thoughtfully tailor each piece for the essential phases of daily life: Perform – crafted functionality, Rest – relaxed beauty, and Enhance – amplified femininity. With a timeless and understated design aesthetic, all pieces combine to create an effortlessly versatile wardrobe.


Vaara isn’t just about designing beautiful activewear, founder Tatiana Korsokova has a real passion for health, fitness and ethical fashion. Vaara is inspired by her experience in the global fashion and wellbeing industries. It is a response to the demands of her own busy lifestyle. Above all, it comes from her understanding of what it is to be a modern woman.


Varley is a Sports Performance brand with headquarters in London and Los Angeles. Varley is known for creating apparel for running, training, competing and moving around. Varley's motto is that good things come to those who sweat.


It's a very technical brand with innovation and design playing a vital role at the forefront of this company. Varley crafts its apparel from patented sustainable technology in the proprietary fabrics. Varley's design performance driven, timeless, wearable pieces that you will come back to again and again. They differentiate ourselves through innovation, product performance and sustainable quality, and by solving problems for the modern athlete.


Year of Ours was created on the brilliant idea of teamwork. The philosophy of Year of Ours is to maintain a healthy lifestyle while crafting timeless, all-purpose looks that translate with ease and classic sensibility. Year of Ours designs and creates quality clothing ranges which are all Made within the USA, in their in-house manufacturing facility in Los Angeles.

Year of Ours is a brand that is run by women and motivates on keeping fit. Its clothes support all varied levels of performance activities such as Yoga, Gym and much more. Their technical activewear clothing range with modest silhouettes will elevate a gym experience and blends sport with style for post workouts.


They know that how you feel in your workout wear is a huge part of how fast you can cycle, high you can climb and hard you can punch. That's why they've searched far-and-wide for top quality eco-fabrics that are built to bend, flex and fight alongside you. They've put all their materials through rigorous wear tests, from workouts to washing cycles, and tested all aspects of performance including sweat-wicking and sports bra support.

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