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LNDR pieces are specially designed taking into consideration the modern active lifestyle we as individuals have. All the clothes are crafted to be of high quality, effortlessly worn and functional. Each of the LNDR pieces is great not just for casual everyday wear but for technical performance wear too. Their clothing range is known for its quality, comfort as well as providing great fitness functionality.

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The LNDR brand was created by a group of professionals within the fashion industry who came together to make clothing that embodies the ideals and lifestyle that are all so passionate about. Activewear isn’t just a trend. It’s a statement, a movement for individuals that love to embark on an active and healthy lifestyle. And because of this many clothing lines are putting more work for gym outfits that enhances and supports every kind of activity, as well as looking sharp enough to wear casually and fit into our ever-increasing hectic lifestyles.

LNDR's clothing range is known for its Quality, Comfort as well as providing great fitness functionality. Their wool coats are made with special weatherproof fabrics, while throw-on wardrobe staples with heat regulating ideology are ideal for travel. LNDR’s product development is viewed in a way to support muscles, movement points and slim physiques; then designed with clean fresh colours for sophisticated, relaxed look. Choose LNDR’s wide activewear collection for great wear as you do the things that make you feel good.

Their goal was to create activewear to keep up with a very busy, energetic lifestyle. More and more women nowadays want their clothes to transition through all the various aspects of their lives. Trust LNDR’s goal to create technical activewear with high-end fabrications with a clean, comfortable appearance; clothes that feel so good on, they are more than capable of enhancing your physical activities every day. The brand’s product is the core of LNDR. The main idea began with form and function; seams and panels that go in sync with movement and muscle lines.

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