The concept Sport.les (sport. lower east side) was created in 2016 and after our founder spent many years in NYC working in fashion, then making the move to Zurich in 2015, the hole in the market was evident. 

"After missing my favorite boutique brands I would buy in NYC when working at Physique 57, I was forced to order from the US and saw the opportunity to share these great designers with the Swiss, UK, and EU market. Activewear is my streetwear, and for me, it is about functional fabrics to take me through my entire day while still looking fashionable." 

Founder + CEO Megan Herak 


We are passionate about working with companies that are ethically run and select our designers and partnerships accordingly. Quality is a huge factor and we test all designers before bringing them on board. The story and background has to be appealing and an added bonus is when they work and produce in the community where they are founded. We take pride being associated with like minded businesses and especially when they are run by women. 


We look forward to partnering with the community and sharing our love for the active lifestyle and living in it.



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