Alo Yoga is a high-performance activewear brand for Women. Alo Yoga craft breathtaking Yoga pieces, Leggings, Jackets, Sport bras of the highest fashion standard. Alo Yoga is committed to creating great activewear that is of high quality, innovative fabrics and trendy designs. Born in Los Angeles, Alo Yoga is a high-performance activewear brand for Women. Alo Yoga craft breathtaking Yoga pieces of the highest fashion standard. Alo Yoga is committed to creating great activewear that is of high quality, innovative fabrics and trendy designs. Each of their garments is carefully selected by a design team of yoga enthusiasts who test it to ensure it is the finest, most comfortable leggings, sports bras. Our brand elevates you in every asana. The perfect brand for luxury Yoga and Activewear for Women. Shop our collection of Leggings, Jackets, Sports-bras, Long-sleeve tops and much more. 

Alo Yoga Activewear Streetwear
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At SportLes, our mission is to give athletic women the fastest, unique, high-quality yet elegantly-designed activewear. Just try and serve up an ace, dance, stroll through town and work out with the right pieces. Each one will have you inspired with life and help you go through hold practice and look just as wonderful as ever. With Alo Yoga, each piece of activewear will show what it takes to live life and being healthy with it. Alo Yoga activewear manifests ways to live a healthy life and still look great. The sophisticated elite of LA admits that these are amazing pieces and have surpassed their expectations. Alo Yoga product did not exert so much effort to lead the transformation of activewear from the studio to the street. These leggings appear so awesome and fashionable that they can go to bigger places and they are not just for the mat. From this point of view, Alo Yoga proves that their active lifestyle pieces are also perfect as street-ready clothing.

Why Choose Alo Yoga?

Founded and designed in the home of sophisticated style and healthy living, Los Angeles, Alo Yoga produces women's inspiring activewear with deep roots in yoga and are tested by yogis. Alo Yoga’s stunning pieces surpassed the expectations of LA's elite and transition without so much of an effort from the studio to the street. The leggings’ performance do more than it should and they’re decidedly not just for the mat – Alo Yoga not only promotes an active lifestyle with their elegant pieces --- they are also perfect as street-ready clothing too. Alo Yoga active wear gets all thumb-ups from people who matter most such as wellness bloggers, yoga practitioners & teachers, shopping friends, sportsmen & women, amateur gymnasts, and professionals. They are all enthusiastic to wear this unique special brand. After hearing positive comments about Alo Yoga through the powers of social media, they satisfied their curiosity and bought a pair of leggings. And this started all the repeated purchases of this and other activewear. Its durability is one of the reasons why they bought the product. Most users claimed that they still have their first pair of leggings until now; after a few years, they are still as good as ever. Discriminating shoppers always prefer investing in good quality wear like Alo yoga activewear. Plus, the high-quality design of its appearance is already a great asset. Do you realize that when you wear a well-fitted and matching set in your yoga class or gym session, you become the cynosure of everyone’s attention? You feel confident, motivated, and ready to get things accomplished. Additionally, for yoga practitioners, it’s extremely important to have well-fitting leggings, as they are constantly moving, create different body postures, bending in half, and going upside-down. The last thing you want is a pair of leggings that fall or are too low in the waist.

What Style is the Alo Yoga Collection?

Choose among a carefully selected collection of styles including high-waist, Moto, Goddess and Airbrush leggings. A favorite among yogis, Alo Yoga produces fitness apparel with an enhanced focus on yoga practice. Alo Yoga’s leg warmer/legging hybrid called Goddess leggings are thin and soft with a ribbed bottom half which can either be gathered up or pulled over the heels. The supportive waistband is superb, doesn’t feel restrictive, and doesn’t roll down mid-flow. It also has a concealed small pocket that can fit a key or card. Ali Yoga’s pieces are available in different color pairings, these pants emitting a dance vibe. Made from Nylon Spandex fabric, each activewear provides plenty of elasticity to perfect your splits, and while underwear outlines may be visible during downward dog, that’s no problem with the pants, ensuring you of a seamless see-through.

Alo Yoga is all about Equality

Sports has no limitation when it comes to gender, nationality, race, and religion. It stands as the best strategy to promote health & wellness, to enhance self-esteem, and it teaches leadership, perseverance, and team skills. Today, women in sports prove that gender is not a liability but plays an inspiring part as a role model, and shows that men and women are equal.

Fashion in Sports

Whichever activities women are involved, fashion follows. Today, sports attire for women is as trendy as ever; from long runs to gym workouts, they are kept fashionable while training in both comfort and style. Athletic apparel for women is created from materials that are moisture-absorbent, and are stretchable for ease of movement. It features a wide array of workout clothes to include leggings, tanks, tees, tights, in sweat fabrics that are ideal for cross-training, studio wear or just hanging out.

Join the caravan of sports-loving women on their way to Alo Yoga

All road leads to Alo Yoga at! Follow and discover styles designed with your comfort, ease, and flexibility in mind. It was in Los Angeles that Alo Yoga was founded and came to reach the top of ladies’ brand for activewear. Alo Yoga announced that its mission is to give athletic women the most unique, and high-quality elegantly-designed activewear. Alo Yoga has made the commitment to create only great activewear that is of the highest quality, made from innovative fabrics and the latest trendy designs. Every Yoga wear belongs to the highest fashion standard and like all masterpieces of Yoga crafts are breathtaking. A team of yoga designers and enthusiasts go over and check each yoga garment for its quality to ensure that it is the finest, most comfortable leggings, sports bras, jackets, etc.

Styles of the Alo Yoga Collection

Perhaps you are aware that leggings have been adopted as a staple in every fashionable girl's wardrobe. They are proper for workouts, running errands, and all sorts of activities. Ladies wearing Alo Yoga fitness apparel feel so comfortable for it enables them to focus on their yoga practice. Favorite styles on yogis include the high-waist, Airbrush leggings, Goddess, and Moto leggings..

Goddess Leggings

This leg warmer/legging hybrid is called Goddess leggings. It has become a great favorite of many as it is thin and soft with a half ribbed bottom that can be gathered up or pulled over the heels. The supportive waistband is superb, offers no movement restrictions and never rolls down mid-flow. A tiny pocket is concealed that is a safe place for a key, small cash or card. Available in varied color pairings, these pants seem to emit a dance vibe. Made of Nylon Spandex fabric. it provides plenty of elasticity to make your splits perfect and although the outline of your undies is visible during downward moves, it is no problem as your pants ensure a see-through without seams.

High Waist Moto Legging

Moto Leggings is the all-star, street-ready wear as it is an on-trend updated and patented with high-waist. The lifting fit is combined with a contouring combo of the original matte/shine fabric and mesh forward panels that have a hold-it-in five-inch waistband. It is designed to contour, lift, sculpt, and offer a smooth look. It was tested by the in-house team of wear and they discovered a fabric that has a perfect stretch fit- 4-ways that allows movement with the moisture-wicking antimicrobial technology.

Airbrush Leggings

High-waist airbrush legging is an on-trend high waistline belonging to classic legging that provides a rise of five-inches plus other best assets of the classic version. It includes absence of side seams and a yogi-tested fit that contours, lifts, sculpts, and smooths. In-house team has wear-tested it for the perfect fit It has a no side seam with the 4-way-stretch fabric that provides you a move-with-you feel. The moisture-wicking antimicrobial technology gives extra comfort using flat-locked seaming.

Wear extreme high waisted leggings

Extreme high waist leggings of Alo Yoga are worn for sports activities and also on the streets. These amazing airlift and the legendary Moto leggings are the highest offered for waistline as their best in contouring, lifting, and sculpting. With trendy designs, they look awesome when worn inside or outside for they provide added comfort, coverage, and shape. They look chic even when paired with just a bra. For more options, check out new studio-to-street waistline in this video with yogi Caitlin Turner.

Here are 8 Best Activewear Pieces From Alo Yoga

1. High-Waist Airlift

You will fall in love with leggings in light blue and also with Alo graphic leggings. You can feel how well it contours, lifts, sculpts and smoothens your body. They are made with the purpose of making you look your best. Available in sizes XXS to L.

2. Journey Sweatpants

You can now keep your old-school gray, drawstring sweatpants at the bottom of your closet and purchase one of these well-fitted sweatpants that can you can dress-up or dress-down as long as it fits the occasion. Available in sizes XS to L.

3. Empower Bra

Yoga empowers bra is absolute perfection. It features a strappy back and will keep your boobs in place during your entire workout. You will be thankful to have empowered bra added to your sports bra drawer. Available in sizes XS to L.

4. Movement Bra

This is really your bra, you turn around and see how pretty are the back-strapping details. This is the perfect bra to wear during your high-intensity training sessions with its high-neck design and is made from breathable fabric. Available in sizes XS to L.

5. Air Tank

Its perfect fit for you, it's lightweight, and it looks incredibly chic. It is just right as the perfect workout top, that everyone must have in her activewear wardrobe. Available in sizes XS to L.

6. Coast Legging

These leggings feature everything that’s right for you and you will certainly agree. You will love the moisture-wicking fabric and the cute hidden key pocket. Available in sizes XS to L.

7. Squad Jacket

The classic bomber jacket is always a trend and is never going out of style. Wear this perfect item before and after a workout. Its plush down interior is super comfortable, while its detailed exterior is eye-catching and will surely earn you compliments. Available in sizes XS to L.

8. Flex Tank

This is one of the must-have things in everyone's athleisure collection to include a pair of high-waisted leggings, a supportive sports bra, and a solid muscle tank. Available in sizes XS to L.
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