MICHI NY is an activewear brand crafted by Michelle Watson in 2010. She previously worked for Ralph Lauren and developed the idea for work-out wear that stands out from the crowd. Her clothing range offers optimal performance combined with high-end sportswear apparel. She crafted her own designs by using luxurious fabrics, stitching and sewing them in her home before testing them on the streets. MICHI NY is the original innovator of edgy mesh inserts, micromesh paneled performance leggings, and multi-strap sports bras. Michelle moved to Toronto in order to be closer to her manufacturer, where all MICHI clothing range is manufactured using only the best fabrics from Italy and Switzerland.

MICHI NY Activewear
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MICHI believes in giving women the power they want in their healthy lifestyle, and it is at this core belief that MICHI realizes the extraordinary trait women possess: the ability to diversify their everyday needs to be fit and is worth celebrating in itself. MICHI has a full range of design collections that ooze functionality and empowers self-expression. Through this belief, the MICHI woman does everything she can. The brand provides the armour for her to conquer the day.

Where is MICHI Based? Who Crafted it?

Back in 2010, Michelle Watson founded MICHI in New York City with authentic designs and patterns that revolutionised the activewear landscape. Watson commenced the fashion-forward technical wear aesthetic with carefully placed mesh inserts, strappy sports bras and elegant cut-outs. Flexibility, functionality and individuality are the very things MICHI offers. All activewear are made in Canada whose styles and designs are sure to last. Luxury fashion activewear brand MICHI offers quality clothing that is practical and stylish. You can be certain it only offers clothing engineered from fabric of the highest quality. Each MICHI activewear is clean, aesthetically pleasing, and edgy with unique designs that both enhance and support a woman’s active lifestyle. MICHI NY bridges the gap between lingerie and performance wear. Ranging from coverups, leggings and sports bras which will make you feel and look just as great in and out of the gym. The brand’s designs have a hint of sensuality to your activewear whilst remaining fashionable and high performance
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