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ONZIE was born in Venice Beach, CA, which is the center of creativity, innovation and active living. ONZIE is a premium women's activewear brand Created by a 20 year Bikram Yogi, Kimberly Swarth. All ONZIE's clothes go through a consistent quality and performance testing so that they produce the very best for their customers. By the time you wear ONZIE clothes, they’ve already met with the highest quality standards. Plus, as the production is local, with 99% of our sewing, cutting and dyeing happening in LA.



The human body is such an amazing sight to behold. From walking in sync to arms and limbs stretching; you can’t help but feel reverence for the many movements the human body is capable of. There is so much creativity and confidence in Onzie’s amazing prints and patterns. Doesn’t matter if you’re working out or just want to stroll along the streets. Onzie encourages women to embrace their uniqueness, relive their self-expression and playfulness with their body movement. Onzie and the team ensures you get your gears in perfect condition. Consistency and reliability are observed as they produce and test garments for quality and performance. All garments are scrutinized and tested to perfection.

Onzie is founded, owned and operated by no other than Kimberly Swarth. An accomplished yogi and entrepreneur, she is the core influence and force behind Onzie. And because of her impressive background, Onzie strives to reinforce movement amongst women by empowering them with Onzie’s wide collection of activewear. Onzie is more than just a brand. It serves to embody vivacity in females in each passing day. Onzie wants you to challenge yourself. Be proud and passionate with Onzie by blending creativity and mobility. Check out Onzie’s newest designs here on SportLes. Seamless, fits nicely, and utterly chic. Feel good, look good with Onzie’s Leopard bra and leggings --- just one of the many adorable designs yet functional premium wear intended to emphasise your body, and the way you move.

Whether you are a devoted runner, a superstar at spinning, or a dedicated bikram yogi, the Onzie Yoga Sportswear range is made 100% for you. Bring a little flair to your workout with Onzie’s yoga curated leggings by or shine like a star with our best seller: Onzie High Rise Legging Leopard. Buy here Onzie Leggings for yoga, workout, pilates or running. SPORTLES brings you the best leggings and sport bras from Onzie such as Onzie Chic Bra, Onzie High Rise Legging Leopard, Onzie Bondage Legging or Onzie tanks, Onzie tops and Onzie Sweatshirts.

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