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Incepted in Sydney - Australia, by designers Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning in 2016, P.E NATION is now one of the most-wanted activewear brands. Ever since it was launched, P.E Nation's range of street and sportswear has increased to include technical activewear, retro-inspired streetwear, footwear, eyewear, and accessories.



It is life in action. P.E Nation presents a classic, yet stylish vibe to the modern girl. She wants to be seen and noticed. She is the kind of girl that likes to have fun, and does not tire herself from life's monotony. She trusts positivity and lives with it, making it her personal creed. Such as the way she trusts P.E Nation and it's endless surprises she gets from the street-activewear. 2018 saw the introduction of menswear, new capsules, and international collaborations for the brand. P.E Nation is a brand that reflects the busy lifestyles of Pip and Claire, and their need for a multi-faceted activewear. They both saw the gap in the market and both the friends, who have a great history in fashion got together to create P.E.Nation. Their design and excellent business pedigree together with a clear vision for the brand, has seen the design and craft covetable and adaptable activewear which is rapidly attracting a global cult following.

Many girls transition from being all-feminine to one of the boys. Her openness to explore other areas of life transcends her to another world where she is truly happy and can be herself. Like P.E Nation, the world as we know it is unpredictable. And this is what the brand also embodies about: to embrace the unknown, and to live in authenticity and style. P.E Nation is inspired with symmetrical patterns and styles that basically reflect pop culture. The fusion of light and dark colors in a single piece highlights the female form and her movement. Each sway attracts liveliness with each piece from P.E Nation. The brand does not focus solely on technicalities alone. SPORT.LES has some of P.E Nation’s favorite pieces: P.E Nations Tank Tops, P.E Nation Bras, and P.E Nation Leggings. P.E Nation simply wants to merge fitness and street-smart attitude in their collection.

When it comes to environmental action, one of the most effective ways people can individually have a positive impact on the planet is to choose fabrics that are sustainable. With a focus on implementing developed and tested sustainable fabrics, P.E Nation has already weaved a number of sustainable fabric options into our offering this year, but there’s more to come. By the end of 2020 all base active leggings will be made from recycled or regenerated fabrics; all cottons produced by P.E. Nation will be organic and certified to organic agricultural standards.

They are set to launch their first performance leggings made from bamboo biodegradable circular fabric, grown naturally and harvested with the utmost care of its forestation and natural surroundings. They will additionally be introducing rPET (material made from post-consumer waste plastic drink bottles) polyester spray fabrics into our jackets, drawcords, badges, elastic and mesh. With a lens firmly placed on research and development, they aim to explore the use of other smart and sustainable fabrics with a sourcing focus on rPET polyester and nylon for their jackets, and high-quality vegan leather for our accessories. Furthermore, P.E Nation aims to ensure that all viscose is sourced from sustainably certified forests.

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