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Best U studio began as a workout studio in West Hollywood in 2015. They wanted to create a space where the movement was incredible, and equally important was the space where you could laugh and honor however you were feeling that day. Through videos, events, and their line of workout equipment, Equipt Movement wanted to create something that could seamlessly blend into your life: The U Barre.

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Their signature Ubarre. American made and patented design created to be seen and used. Browse our SPORT.LES collection, with among others the EQUIPT Ubarre Weights White, the EQUIPT Ubarre Weights Gold and the EQUIPT Ubarre Weights Charcoal. All finishes are available in 4,8,12 and 16 lbs. We believe in crafting quality luxury workout equipment. The black, gold, charcoal and white Ubarres. Chic, luxe, and yours in any of 4 weight options.

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