DAUNTLESS is a Luxury Women's sustainable brand born in New York City. It deems itself as the cruelty-free brand. Their mission is to create socially conscious fashion through high-end designs, top quality fabric, and well-tailored fashion-forward forward customers. Dauntless is founded by Paula Maldonado who is a New York-based entrepreneur with the experience in design and art direction in the luxury market segment that launched the brand to showcase that great design can be sustainable.

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Dauntless NYC offers a very chic collection, and it is all about sustainability. Committed to making beautiful, luxurious vegan-cut jackets, the US-based brand only uses eco-friendly materials for their clothing. Mixing sustainability and fashion in a collection of high-end designs, founder Paula Maldonado has made the brand all the way to the market. She says Dauntless is marketed not only for vegans and cruelty-free consumers. Maldonado aimed it to anyone who is appreciative of the brand’s line of beautifully crafted clothes designed to fit any woman. Dauntless NYC provides well-fitted pieces for all women, and you can see Maldonado’s some of the greatest clothes here at SportLes.

DAUNTLESS never compromise on Quality!

She also stated that the brand’s focus is mostly of creating sophisticated pieces but with quality and indeed, free of cruelty. Dauntless NYC doesn’t use animals for their leather pieces and most of her clients are non-vegan. This only proves how well Dauntless NYC markets their collection --- it is the skill and glorious pieces with which they want to present to the world, armed with the brand’s philosophy of making a change; to be different, and non-exclusive when it comes to buyers. Dauntless NYC never compromises when it comes to working conditions and materials, and the best results produces outfits that will have you look your best because every single thing is taken care of. The brand’s materials set them apart from other vegan leather jackets because it is free of PVC, a component that is present in faux leathers. Naturally, Dauntless NYC’s unwavering commitment to using only the safest sources possible: synthetic such cotton, and the like. Each jacket uses satin for its lining, and printed with original patterns using eco-friendly inks. So here you go, fashion, comfort, and sustainability --- all felt and seen in Dauntless NYC’s clothing line.
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