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Solid and Striped was first inspired to launch a swim brand while hanging out in the Hamptons and seeing a friend's dad hit the pool in an old school suit with classic appeal. From the finest globally sourced fabrics designed with elegant taste for effortless essentials for the leisure life. Curated choosing beautiful prints and silhouettes from beach, pool party, to the yacht.


Solid & Striped gives off a classic, retro feel and appearance; it is like you stepped back in time where quaintness and solemnity are gods. The brand has a great collection of swimsuits and you can now get them here on SPORT.LES, such as beautiful Solid & Striped One Pieces, Solid & Striped Tops and Solid & Striped Bottoms.

The beach is the best place to flaunt your body in Solid & Striped swimwear. Stylish and refined, each piece is made just for you. Make your sensual side known in Solid & Striped’s Gingham Collection. Already a favorite, the collection’s designs and cuts are made clean and simple. Although the pieces are not padded, fear not. If you are used to swimsuits that have pads and underwires, Solid & Striped won’t leave you feeling bare at all, and you will never get the feeling that you are left behind fashion. Solid & Striped has a lot more timeless collections and are created with quality, fashion and style, Solid & Striped strives to empower women to show femininity in a swimwear with classic patterns that ooze so much sex appeal in every piece there is. Have a great time at the beach with Solid & Striped feeling utterly confident and relaxed comfortable in your own skin. With that said, it is safe to say that you will most definitely be wearing a swimsuit from Solid & Striped once more.

If you like minimalist designs without the annoying underwires, Solid & Striped has a lot to offer in terms of comfort and leisure. Stay fashionable and comfortable without ever compromising quality and style with Solid & Striped.

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