MZ Wallace was created in the year 2000 by Monica Zwirner and Lucy Wallace Eustice. They are both native New Yorkers, who inspired by the city life, wanted to design a distinctively different accessories range for women who have dynamic lives. They launched the Metro Quilted series back in 2010. 

The MZ Wallace bag is crafted just like your favorite pair of jeans which fit perfectly and never go out of style. MZ Wallace Bags are made with great attention to detail. Italian leather details together with custom hardware and strap options that come with multiple pockets are just a few of their signature style attributes. MZ Wallace loves Nylon as a fabric considering its soft, lightweight and their bags hold a luxurious look and feel in this fantastic fabric.

MZ Wallace Handbags
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At MZ Wallace, creating and design bags that speak volumes and ascend to the modern lifestyle. You can find some the most spectacular MZ Wallace pieces that marks the stamp of your individuality. MZ Wallace’s flair for attention to detail is the brand’s motivating force in making stylish bags that mesh really well for your day-to-day activities. Each piece is carefully designed, with every detail. MZ Wallace only uses materials of the highest quality from straps to pockets that makes things easier and organized as you go along.

MZ WALLACE is a Bag that is meant to last

Some trends in fashion last, some don’t. But with a bag that is designed to last, MZ Wallace does just that. Wear and tear has always been the number one problem in fashionable bags and MZ Wallace gives every woman the style, the design, and practicality for years and years. SportLes now offers a few select of current favorites from MZ Wallace. Ranging from lightweight bags to leather, the craftsmanship, durability and style will always prevail in their collection. All MZ Wallace ladies bags are made with quality and purpose to every woman. You will find the brand’s awesome pocket design otherwise known as the "signature six" along with its removable pouch. The outside features are carefully engineered with stitchings with the famous red edging, as it is hand painted. MZ Wallace’s classic, elegant stylish bags are now available here. All accessories are carefully picked and only made with high grade materials for long-lasting use, year after year.
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