Balsa201 merges functionality with fashion, we are excited to introduce the Active in Style girl to this seriously edgy brand that will help make transitioning from work to workouts effortlessly chic. Balsa201 has a fantastic range of bags, whether it's for a long trip or a quick coffee locally. Balsa's 201 bags are high-end premium sports bags for your gym. Pick one today from our shop below!

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When it comes to keeping your important stuff close at hand, SportLes introduces the bags from Balsa 201 guaranteed to have you covered, doesn’t matter if it’s a quick trip to the coast for a brief vacation or plans to enjoy a long weekend, or just simply putting together your gear before you hit the gym.

Life need not be dull for you because SportLes now offers Balsa 201, a brand based in South Korea, known for its super-stylish and chic accessories. Marble print has been having quite the look of fashion lately: the simple but luxurious look is pretty much visible these days. That said, it was inevitable that marble print made its way and onto a gym bag. The marble trend has many women wanting a Balsa 201 bag, and the boxing bag is just one of its fashionable pieces. 



Backpacks have clearly won the hearts of many people because its functionality for travel. Balsa 201 offers high-quality, great choice, and the individualistic feel in their backpacks. Specially designed both in in marble print and plain colour. Travel light, go to a night’s event, party on with your friends with these unique bags. Each has its own personality that matches yours.

Still, Balsa 201 has such beautiful, unique boxing bags which you can be truly proud of. Gotta love the fusion of elegance, sporty, and sophisticated in every item you’ll come across. If you are wanting a stylish bag with functionality and organization, check out their Easy Tote marble bags and backpacks. Get yours for travel, photoshoots, a short escapade at another town or country, meetings, or hitting the gym for your weekly workout after work.

Each Balsa 201 bag has a bit or two of space for your clothes, accessories and other important things. These are very smart bags for everyday use but make no mistake. Balsa 201 bags are undeniably stylish.

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