Ski In, Zen Out: 3 Winter Wellness Retreats Curated By SPORT.LES


Author SPORT.LES / Published: Oct-20-2020

Adventurous women. Women who make life happen more than they watch it go by. Women who bring passion to whatever it is that they do. Women who can’t not. We’re better when we’re together. Our days will be on the mountain—skiing, falling, and laughing over hot chocolate. Our evenings are set in our mountain home-for-the-weekend—eating good food, playing board games, and sharing stories over wine. Balanced. Add a mountain wellness retreat to your next trip list and thank us later! We also recommend you to read our previous article Mountain Retreat: The Perfect Day For A SPORT.LES Girl From 8AM To 8PM for more details.

You can combine a week at a ski resort with a week at a nearby wellness retreat or, like some of the ones we’ve listed, simply stay at a wellness retreat as your ski accommodation. Problem solved. At SPORT.LES, we have curated the best snow filled retreats, activities and - of course - the perfect outfits so you can ski in and zen out.

Start the day at Aro Ha with a delicious healthy smoothie. Just combine 1 cup of baby spinach, ½ frozen banana, ½ kiwi fruit, 1 cup almond milk, 1 scoop Nourishing Protein Vanilla and 2 tsp of the WelleCo Nourishing Protein Chocolate while you're enjoying those aching views across Lake Wakatipu that seep into the soul and reboot you while you’re looking.

Then hike, hike some more, keep hiking, lunch, massage, sauna, chat, dinner, yoga, bed. All while wearing the most comfiest Varley ski sets curated by SPORT.LES, sleeping in a gazillion dollar sustainable property and knowing the skiing peaks of New Zealand’s Southern Alps are spitting distance but a tranquil world away.

We believe that creating the space in our lives to immerse ourselves in nature and sharing adventures with others, reveals the meaning that we’re all looking for. That is what any SPORT.LES girl will do during her weekend in this five-star ski resort in Switzerland’s Engadin Valley which dates back more than 100 years. After a powerful pilates morning at The Beat St. Moritz you will be ready to ski, lunch, embrace your helmet hair, have another drink to make the moments last a little longer, have dinner, dance when your favorite song is on—and maybe get everyone else to rock out with you!

Being the best version of ourselves needs a space away from notifications. Breathing in air where you can actually smell the trees. Seeing the stars. Sliding down a mountain. We have the perfect place for that: in the heart of the quaint resort town of Aspen, Colorado, the historic Hotel Jerome provides access to more than 120 miles of hiking and cycling trails, as well as seemingly endless ski trails.

After a productive morning hiking through the beautiful mountains of Colorado and a healthy lunch at the slopes, any SPORT.LES girl spends the rest of the day reading her favorite book next to the fire place, while having a hot tea with a few of the THE NUE CO. Sleep Drops for a comfortable sleep afterwards. This experience will fill your senses enough that you might even forget to ask for the wifi password and find something inside you that you didn’t know you were looking for.

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