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SPLITS 59 is a Women's Premium Activewear Brand made in Los Angeles. It is inspired by the beauty of sport and intelligent design. Splits59 has set a new benchmark for women's' activewear, combining style and performance into each and every piece and collection. Splits59 blends quick-dry sports fabrics with a great fit for the ultimate comfort. Splits59 motto is to craft beautiful clothes that help in workouts for active ladies.

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This signifies the power of one second and the willpower of an individual to beat the tick of a stopwatch to sixty seconds. Splits59 was primarily created with the objective of capturing the essence of sport: offering Splits59 Leggings, Splits59 Sports Bras, Splits59 Tank Tops that deliver eye-catching pieces in premium technical fabrics. To sum up, Splits59 is bold, delicate, high-performance. It combines fashion and functionality with excellent athletics. Wear Splits59 activewear on your next workout. Test it today!



SPORT.LES offers another sophisticated premium activewear clothing, Splits59. The pieces make a strong contender that is sure to meet your workout standards and goals. True enough, the collection in Splits59 are all USA made and of high quality. Trusted and endorsed by female celebrities, more and more women are finding out what Splits59 is made of. The quality in their pieces is evident. The materials are meticulously chosen which result to a beautifully constructed premium activewear collection that are fashionable and definitely wearable outside the gym. Reward yourself with goodness. Working out for keeping up with your health and physique is something women do, and you deserve nothing less. When it comes to activewear choose the ones that you can wear all day for comfort and style. The fashion trend will never cease; but staying on top of the game in utmost confidence is what Splits59 wants for you.


Splits 59 Activewear Sports Bra



Splits 59 is Technical Wear at its Best

Splits 59 has an array of amazing premium activewear for women and it is no wonder some female celebrities have taken a liking to it. Splits59 uses only the right kind of materials which gives a comfortable feel right on the skin. Soft yet strong. The very traits on how a technical wear should be. Splits59 is yet another brand that caters to the woman of today. Independent, yet feminine. The activewear provides an amazing fit, as you do yoga, barre, or simply planning on using one for a casual look. Be your best everyday with Splits59 with sophisticated activewear pieces as you reach your goals.


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