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NESH NYC is named after GANESH. GANESH is the Hindu deity who is known as the remover of all obstacles and widely known as the "lord of beginnings. In 2011, Bree Chambers was inspired to design a line of luxury lifestyle clothing that helps to lessen life's daily demands by creating clothing that could truly take you through the whole day without sacrificing the other key element in every women's wardrobe.


Fashion and fitness have merged into a single lifestyle many women don’t want to miss. SportLes introduces Nesh NYC, a clothing brand based in New York City that creates luxe wear for a healthier, better version of you. The yoga-inspired technical wear, is known for its seamless movement that is completely reliable even to the woman with an active lifestyle. Be it the gym or yoga practice, Nesh NYC has a fabulous collection that adheres to your day to day routine.

NESH NYC has the Best Functional Activewear

It is very important that you wear only the best functional activewear. Never settle for anything that compromises your need to be fit and stylish. Nesh NYC has a wide range of relaxed activewear pieces that you can wear outside the gym: torn leggings, pants, and other classic and fabulous luxury wear seen here on SportLes. Aside from the wonderful pieces, Nesh NYC uses environmental-friendly US made fabrics of high quality. Every garment is scrutinized, making sure the seams, patterns and designs complement your personality. Every single item of Nesh NYC clothing is manufactured right in the busy district New York City. Their signature four way stretch material gives comfort, support and a flattering profile of your body’s subtle curves. It is not just about Nesh NYC’s focus to the female physique. This is yet another luxury wear that also respects our environment, and the commitment to making only activewear that does not only make you feel confident and good. Nesh NYC strives in fulfilling a purpose that will serve your healthy lifestyle.

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