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Caterina Negra incepted C-Clique in 2017, a women's activewear clothing line revolving around products and experiences that keep you moving ahead, whether it is in terms of looks as well as performance. C-Clique never compromises fashion for functionality or femininity for performance.



SportLes introduces C-Clique, one of today’s brands that specializes in beautiful activewear. A brand that will never let you down, C-Clique creates only the best workout luxury clothing to make you feel at ease and at one with life’s awesomeness. One of the things SportLes loves about activewear is the fusion of performance, lifestyle, and elegance.

Incredible factors that make it absolutely exciting to see the most of the female population having understood and enjoying the lifestyle of the elegantly fit modern woman. Getting healthy and fit is such an important part of any woman’s workout regime as difficult as that is. You focus on holding up in different movements. Fortunately, the trick is to stay confident --- with the right attitude, and of course, the right activewear. 




You’ll never be short of options when it comes to C-Clique’s collections and styles. Because this is a brand that will never compromise the best of what they have for trend. Trend is fleeting, quality is not, and this is what C-Clique’s stamp is about. If you want fashion, C-Clique will do it for you. It’s alright to observe the trend or the phenomenon that has been going on since the rise of luxury activewear. SportLes believes that C-Clique, in its aim to reinvent fashion for all women, must go where she needs to be. The Los Angeles legging isn’t heavy on the skin, giving enough room for leg movement, and enough compression in muscle support. Sounds technical, but C-Clique has a knack for creating multitudes of graphic design that goes very well with the feminine physique. It’s quite a seamless piece that it fits perfectly on the legs. Since the inception of activewear to its dramatic transition from fashion faux-pas to all-out trendy, C-Clique is giving you the best of their collection. You may have seen some, worn by celebrities; from the cafe next block or at the runways, you too are entitled to immerse yourself in C-Clique’s luxury activewear. All the time.

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