Buy OLYMPIA Clothing from Sportles, OLYMPIA is a premium women's luxury activewear brand, Strong and feminine – these are the pillars of Olympia Activewear. Olympia was founded by designer, Kaili Lickle, who spent most of her time outdoors growing up in the Island of Maui, which clearly reflects in her designs. 

Olympia has a modern and refined approach to fitness-wear, crafted with the active body in mind.  We have a great collection of bottoms, leggings and yoga mats to choose from. Our aesthetic is rooted in sport and style with a focus on clean-lined silhouettes and a neutral palette. 

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Choose and shop Olympia Activewear here at SportLes for a new spin on luxury activewear for women. Comfortable, refined and stylish, Olympia Activewear is one of the most sought-after clothing because it fits just right and lets you move easily. Olympia boasts its other child poster, the Moto leggings. Grear for hiking, it helps you stay comfortable in them. The abundance of technical wear may be plenty out there, but Olympia stands out as trendy yet comfortable and definitely minimalist. Olympia Activewear’s classic designs make for more than using then for your daily workout. It’s minimalist at best. Great for low-key activities after an hour or two’s stay at the gym. Be it yoga, travelling or perfecting the athlete in you, check out Olympia Activewear’s wide array of clothes that suit you best.


Many women are completely drawn to Olympia Actiwear’s clean and simple motifs in neutral colours. Olympia wants to create the-now stylish and elegant pieces: casual wear to workout. Olympia is at home and leans more on the fitness and athleisure and lifestyle using silk and cotton and some of the brand’s clothing. The technical fabric in Olympia Activewear is quite unique: a lightweight poly spandex blend which ultimately make leggings a superb match for warm climates. The fabric has a shiny finish which feels rather smooth so it doesn't give those little bumps mostly seen on cotton. It gives the impression that is silk. Suffice to say Olympia Activewear knows the kind of garment needed such as the poly spandex, and it fits quite nicely too.
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