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 Monreal London was created when an avid Tennis player and Stefanï Grosse went to look for high-performance workout wear, that would equally be stylish enough to wear the match was over. They created Monreal London simply out of personal necessity. This luxury activewear brand that straddles the line between sports and fashion but never sacrifices its style for peak performance. Monreal London is all about blending fashion with functionality. It is a highly innovative, modern and sexy combo on traditional activewear.

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Monreal London, the best-selling activewear collection gives you a fabulous update with their latest additions such as the biker leggings along with matching bras. When you see the M logo in zigzag, you can be sure it’s Monreal London… the real thing. In the past, the fusion of activewear and fashion was defined by luxury brands that offer high-end fashion with minimal performance, or international sports brands that create technical athletic outfit sans style as its utmost priority. The demand in luxury technical clothing towards pieces that large frequency of usage and can be worn on varying occasions is so high these days. It’s the amazing mix of fashion, functionality and durability that many women go after. An activewear brand such as Monreal London has truly become the force in today’s lifestyle for women. The ever increasing need to own and wear a functional yet fashionable sportswear that goes beyond sophistication and pursuing a healthy lifestyle.

Monreal London Activewear Sports Bra



Monreal London has the kind of technical activewear that helps with fitness and superb fashion. Monreal London is not just a fancy trend that is here as it is. This is a luxury brand that encompasses femininity and fashion in their activewear. It’s a fusion of desire and practicality in a single clothing that can be worn outside the gym.

The Monreal London Sports Bra styles are created with removable cups for comfort and support. The Monreal London Leggings are so seamless, constructed only with the highest quality materials for excellent breathability. Seamless leggings get a make-over this season with new jacquard knitted stripe detailing and double yarn construction helping opacity and achieving excellent breathability.

Featured here at SPORT.LES is the Monreal London Energy Leggings, made with stretch lace panels designed on the knee with glossy black side panels. The knee design provides muscle support where it is needed most.


Monreal London Activewear Leggings  Monreal London Sports Bra


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