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Athletic Propulsion Labs was founded in 2009 by twins Adam and Ryan Goldston in Los Angeles, with the goal of creating the world’s most luxurious and innovative athletic footwear that delivers serious comfort through all aspects of your life. APL has grown from their original running shoe that was famously banned by the NBA for providing an unfair competitive advantage, to tech-forward running shoes, slides, and everyday sneakers that never sacrifice style.


Established in 2009, APL: Athletic Propulsion Labs is the brainchild of twin brothers and former college athletes Adam and Ryan Goldston. The Los Angeles-based company specializes in lightweight, technical running shoes and workout clothes that maximize performance without sacrificing style. Athletic Propulsion Labs founders and twins Adam and Ryan Goldston pioneered the first shoe proven to make you jump higher thanks to its revolutionary Load 'N Launch™ technology. Bridging the gap between your workout and work day, each sneaker and piece of activewear is created with uncompromised attention to detail, quality fabrics and tailored fits. Made with innovative materials, APL sneakers provide ample comfort and support for the gym—and beyond.



APL sits at the intersection of luxury and performance, creating the world's finest footwear for optimum comfort for all aspects of your lifestyle from training to travel and everything in between.At SPORT.LES we finally have trainers and sneakers! Find cult favorite APLS exclusively in Switzerland at @sport.les .

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