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WelleCo's Co-Founder Elle Macpherson’s Day on a Plate

WelleCo's Co-Founder Elle Macpherson’s Day on a Plate


Author SPORT.LES / Published: Sept-19-2020

Since being founded by supermodel-turned-businesswoman Elle Macpherson (@ellemacpherson) back in 2014, WelleCo has gained a cult-like following and their protein and super-green powders are recognised as the best around. Elle Macpherson earned the nickname "The Body" for good reason: her god-given form is, in a word, bangin'. At 50, she is more toned, sculpted, and well, hot than most 20-year-olds. So when the model tweeted a photo of herself in a bikini, holding some sort of green juice, it immediately caught our attention. Could this be the secret to Elle's enviable physique? We caught up with Elle to learn more about the key ingredients in her diet.


Working and building WelleCo as an authentic quality brand means for Elle to focus on the products and formulas to make sure they are high quality and efficient. Australians are renowned for being health conscious, curious and authentic. Because they search for the highest quality in all our experiences, they also ask not only what’s clean and best for their health, they check for sustainability and sourcing. Interesting right? You could be also interested in reading our latest article WelleCo Chocolate Almond Cookies w/ Cashew Creme Filling Recipe.

"I realised the power of taking responsibility for my own health and wellness, and this has since become a foundational core value of WelleCo. Our aim is to empower people to positively influence their health and make it easier for people to be healthy on the go. I’ve found (quite surprisingly ) the wonderful bi product of a healthy inside is glowing beauty – from my hair, skin and nails and eyes to a lean body and general vibrancy."


On waking: Filtered water and 2 heaped teaspoons of The Super Elixir™ and lemon juice or a green juice packed with vegetables and lemon juice.

Breakfast: I like a poached egg on spinach once a week. The other days, I alternate between just fresh fruit until lunchtime, or a chia or flaxseed pudding (but never within 2 hours of eating fruit).

Snack: I don't have dessert every day, but I do love dark chocolate and vegan ice-cream.

Lunch: I generally always have greens with whatever I eat at lunch, which is often a vegan salad with a base of pulses, lentils or quinoa. I load it up with leafy greens and other vegetables, especially kale, spinach, sprouts and rocket.

Afternoon snack:  I make a WelleCo Nourishing Protein smoothie with homemade almond or hemp milk. It’s easy to make when you are on-the-go. Being plant-based, our protein is easily absorbed by my body, boosts my metabolism and helps me feel fuller for longer.

Dinner:  My evening meal sometimes consists of fresh line-caught fish, (the other day Cy caught crayfish!) with lots of greens, salad or vegetables. Or sometimes I will have just vegetables. I prefer to eat raw vegan as much as possible, and use a dehydrator which is a fabulous preparation alternative.

You will need: 1 heaped scoop of WelleCo Nourishing Protein Chocolate, 400ml almond milk and half a frozen banana. Simply shake, blend and drink.

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