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Author SPORT.LES / Published: Nov-19-2019

Sandy Hager is, besides one of the first SPORT.LES Ambassadors, a smart and motivating personal fitness trainer with a proven ability to help people achieve their goals. After many years of ballet and jazz dancing as a child, Sandy developed a great passion & interest in various styles of aerobic training focusing on strength and endurance. With an additional academic background in psychology she is now launching her first book.

"During lockdown I performed daily full body workouts on Instagram Live. At that time I had the idea of collecting the 30 best workouts in a book."

Sandy Hager wearing Onzie from SPORT.LES

30 Days, 30 Workouts is a very graphic and easy-to-read book with 30 intensive, variated workouts that will get you in top shape. Your own body weight will be sufficient as resistance. For more intensity, you can use a dumbbell, kettlebell or simply a filled water bottle for some exercises. The workouts can be carried out at home in the smallest spaces and can be easily integrated into your everyday life. From now on you have no more excuses for not going through life fit and healthy! Let's get to know Sandy better.



What is your go to the fuel in the morning?

Two cups of black coffee and a big spoonful of Strath Original as well as 30 minutes of peace and quiet all to myself.


Tell us about your lifestyle: what are your daily fitness routines?

As a fitness coach and personal trainer I move around all day. I try to make time for strength training 3-4x a week as well as going for a once weekly run in the woods.


What's in your workout bag?

In my gym bag I always have my pair of Nike Metcon sneakers, a big water bottle from Strath and a fitness towel from SPORT.LES.


Sandy wearing the ONZIE High Rise Legging Leopard


Sandy wearing ONZIE during a hike



Activewear piece you can't live without:

My leopard leggings from Onzie.


How did the idea of writing this book come about?

During the lockdown I performed daily full body workouts on Instagram Live. At that time I had the idea of collecting the 30 best workouts in a book. I wanted to create a keepsake of this crazy time and at the same time a book that you can use again and again.


How would you describe the book?

The book shows 30 varied workouts, which can be done on a daily basis. The trainings can be performed anywhere and don‘t require any equipment.


Who do you think your book is perfect for?

For everyone who wants to stay or become healthy, strong and slim and who wants to do so independently of external circumstances.



Available for preorder. Kindly send a DM to @sandy.hager or an email to
Price: CHF 40.- + shipping.


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