MONROW is a brand born in Los Angeles. It is inspired and crafted from the finest fabrics. It has a trademark supersoft fabric which they use to create fashionable staples that compliment every women's wardrobe. Based in L.A, MONROW captures the essence of luxury activewear with timeless, casual clothes, like their signature super-soft camo sweats and crepe jumpsuits. Celebrities like Jessica Biel, Gwyneth Paltrow, Blake Lively, and Reese Witherspoon are big fans of MONROW. Buy MONROW Clothing from Sportles, MONROW is a premium women's luxury activewear brand inspired by the best of fabrics.

Monrow Activewear
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MONROW has maintained its superb fashion sense in the last 10 years. Clearly versatile and always on top of style with its contemporaries, the MONROW inspiration is yet visible in the richest, elegant fabrics that you can actually feel as you move. Super soft yet stylish, MONROW designs are a must-have in your life. MONROW releases their newest collection line each month. You can also see their classic pieces twice a year. MONROW’s pragmatic yet stylish collections build and complement stunning designs that you can mix and match with ease. Born and headquartered in SolCal, MONROW knows and understands both the beauty and significance of luxury leisure. The brand’s classic signature designs and pieces are seen in their crepe jumpsuits and soft sweats. MONROW calls for you and your innate need for comfort, luxury, and sensibility. Choosing a piece from MONROW will not be a complicated decision. In fact you will be making one of the best decisions when it comes to trusting fashion.

MONROW ACTIVEWEAR is made from the BEST Fabrics

The very idea of creating and introducing MONROW was founded by the apparent need of today’s fashion with for classic, quality clothing. With the combination of MONROW’s intuitive nature and the smart, simple yet functional designs, MONROW’s founders Megan and Michelle commenced careful experimenting with fabrics to get the results they want for their brand. Both women proceeded to participate in each process; from choosing fabrics to ensuring flawless final stitching. MONROW brings a real essence of timeless design pieces to the brand. True to its goals and values, MONROW’s commitment to detail and love for only the best fabrics is what defines the brand.
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