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Balance is key to a more enjoyable and fulfilling life. You shouldn't have to sacrifice what you already love to find the answers. Balance is the focus of Fitish. The anti-inflammatory benefits and cleansing botanical extracts are combined in their line to nourish your skin's health. Fitish aims to help you create a calming self-care routine within your active lifestyle, naturally and effectively.

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At we are so glad to be introducing the first CBD infused skincare line designed to set and refresh any makeup look from work, to the gym, and everything in between. FITISH Beauty is formulated to calm redness, soothe irritation, and nourish dehydrated, stressed skin with the power of CBD oil. Created by Jenna Owens, fitness enthusiast and co-host of the nationally syndicated Kidd Kraddick radio show. The thriving CBD-infused skincare brand Fitish was founded by radio talkshow co-host Jenna Owens in 2017. According to her, the idea for Fitish arose due to her need to find balance in her life. It began as the Fitish30 fitness program, and has since become known for its CBD-infused skincare line, which is sold on Fitish’s website as well as at major retailers. Since launching Fitish’s debut products, the “Tone Down” CBD facial mist, the makeup setting spray, “Don't Sweat It,” and the “Dew It” moisturizer have become instant must-haves.

CBD is a product of the cannabis plant. While it won't get you high, this natural ingredient can work wonders for your skin. This compound pairs the immune cells of your body's own endocannabinoid system. Sometimes, the immune system can be over-activated by certain immune and inflammatory conditions like acne, psoriasis, and eczema. CBD acts to combat the overactive immune system, helping your body work for itself rather than against itself. Their phytocannabisnoid-rich CBD is combined with a blend of greens to nourish your skin.

From SPORT.LES we highly recommend you the new FITISH Beauty 'Tone Down' spray. This magical facial mist works to calm, soothe and even skin tone after a workout or day in the sun. Infused with organic Aloe, peppermint, coffee and CBD for a refreshing pick-me-up. Tone Down works to clarify and reduce redness, leaving you looking fresh-faced and feeling literally cool. Perfect for post workout, a day in the sun or after a long flight. CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory and Fitish tone down CBD infused facial mist uses the finest THC-FREE CBD in combination with Aloe, Green Tea, Coffee and Peppermint. Shake well, hold a few inches away from the face and spray as often as you’d like!

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