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Charli Cohen is a London based urban activewear designer. Charli Cohen is known for boldly fashion-led, quietly functional, cutting-edge fabric technology. Charli Cohen brand was born out of a need for clothes that could do everything and look great in the bargain. They refer to it as Technical Fashion. From breathable, supportive leggings and tanks to relaxed sweatshirts and pants.

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Charli Cohen has only one thing in mind: to bridge the gap between ready-made fashion and performance outfits. Cohen, a young British licensed personal trainer and designer had decided to create her own line of clothing. The brand is oozing with women’s fitness and happy lifestyle. Youthful, bold, independent, and definitely cosmopolitan even whilst working out. Cohen’s collection is a blend of technology, sophistication, and comfort. The whole line will make it clear that what you will get and experience is the smart, flattering cuts that accentuate the female form all in the highest quality possible.

With Charli Cohen activewear here at SPORT.LES, getting in shape can never feel this good. Cohen, today’s youngest London-based designer commenced the activewear line that is focused on fashion as well. With each piece you can be sure of a better fitness with great, quality clothes. There is also the Charli Cohen tote bag which you can bring as you go. Stylish and street-smart, the young designer has been working closely with manufacturers so the brand promises only the best, wearable products that speak volumes of elegance, technology, and femininity. Cohen’s luxe sportswear is highly influenced --- of the human physiology and mobility, making the outfits comfortable without leaving fashion behind its trail. Creatively speaking, much of these garments accentuate the female physique; style lines and beautiful silhouettes can be seen. Buy at SPORT.LES Charli Cohen Sports Bras, Charli Cohen Sweaters and Charli Cohen Totes.

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