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Meet Jaifa: The Mom Behind @therealchicchica

Meet Jaifa: The Mom Behind @therealchicchica

After moving to Zurich, Switzerland, Jaifa set out to create a healthy lifestyle for her family and herself. She wanted to become a fitness and lifestyle inspiration for her children but also her community that it's now up to 3K on Instagram - @therealchicchica- . After months of hard work, she built not only a strong healthy body, but a healthy, happy life as well. With a new-found sense of self-confidence, she hopes to inspire as many new mom’s out there as she can to become the best THEM they can be.


Being part of the SPORT.LES ambassador tribe, Jaifa had a chat with us to get to know better each other!

Jaifa wearing Onzie leotard in antique rose 

Tell us about your fitness journey: what are your daily routines?

I wake up and start my day with freshly squeezed celery juice, its very good for your digestive system. It’s important you take this first thing in the morning and give it 45 minutes to do its magic.
After getting the kids organized for breakfast, its my turn and I first take my daily supplements. I use a personalized supplement combination that was designed by Care/Of ....Obviously I try to eat a healthy breakfast but I need variation so every is a new experience.
I then drop off the kids at school after which my work-out routine usually begins. This can be barre but also functional training or running in the forest. This is a very important time for me. It gets my day off to a great start and energizes me for the rest of the day. That‘s why I generally prefer to work out in the mornings.

What motivates you? Tell us your favorite go-to song and inspirational quote.

I love the feeling of being healthy and fit and off course its also nice to look good but more then anything its the physical and mental well-being that I am after. Music is always a great inspiration to give you the right energy. Some of my go-to songs at the moment are: Dancing on my own by Calum Scott, remixed by Tiesto and Hawaii from Maluma, from my beloved Colombia.
Great quote from Frida Kahlo: I want to see actions, not words. If I am looking for words I will read a book.
Frida Kahlo Fitness Quote

How do you motivate your kids to take part in your fitness routine?

In general we like to encourage our children to be active and live a healthy lifestyle. This means off course to show this by example. Obviously I don’t always succeed but consistency is important and every once in a while I even convince them to do a small work out with me. It’s always great fun!
My youngest son is passionate about football and we encourage him to pursue that passion. Moreover my husband plays with him whenever the opportunity is there. My little girl loves gymnastic and at times gives us the pleasure of a nice performance. My oldest is into kickboxing but his real passion is dancing....which mostly happens when I am deeply asleep!

What are your favorite fitness activities to do together as a family?

Definitely outdoor activities and Switzerland is great for that. In winter skiing is the best and in the summers we go for the lake and oceans on holidays. The mountains and the ocean are much more than just a great place to work out, they also give a state of mental well-being. On a more regular basis we always like to walk to places as much as we can as this helps you learn the cities you visit.

How do you wear your outfits from studio to the streets? How do you style them?

The great news theses days is that fashion is blending much more between workouts and your daily outfits. The pandemic has even accelerated this trend. People prefer to be comfortable yet still trendy. There are amazing leggings, sneakers, hoodies that can be styled for any moment of the day. But don’t be mistaken I love to dress up and bring my other side with my high heels and dresses!


Tune in our Instagram stories on Monday April 26th for a live Instagram takeover day with Jaifa + Tuesday 27th via her profile @therealchicchica for an IGTV Live styling SPORT.LES!



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