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The Top 5 TikTok Fitness Influencers to Get You in Shape This Summer

The Top 5 TikTok Fitness Influencers to Get You in Shape This Summer

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TikTok is a popular social media platform famous for the short videos shared by its users, especially funny and lip-sync videos. But, did you know that you can also find workout videos and fitness inspiration on TikTok?


It might seem difficult to fit a workout or even a set in such a short video, but TikTok fitness influencers have found creative ways to do so. You can find all kinds of gym-based or home workout videos on TikTok that you can get inspiration from.


If you are looking for TikTok influencers that you can follow to get some fitness inspiration, then you have reached the right place. In this post, we have compiled a list of our favorite 5 TikTok fitness influencers that you can choose from. And of course if you don't follow us on TikTok yet you should do it now @sport.les

The Top 5 Fitness Accounts to Follow on TikTok

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She is a CrossFit athlete, bodybuilder, and one of the top female TikTok influencers. Her workout videos are not restricted to home or gym but feature her doing different kinds of workouts in public places. From sidewalks to deserts, she has a way to work out anywhere and everywhere. So, if you’re looking for unique workout inspiration, then she should definitely be in your “fitness influencers to follow” list.

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If you’re looking for simple home workouts and useful fitness tips, then this is a good account to follow. Fitness influencer Vicky first rose to fame on YouTube where she has 1.45 million subscribers. She has also amassed a good follower base on TikTok, where she posts fitness videos that are also engaging and entertaining. She also participates in social media challenges related to dance and fitness.

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With her follower count reaching 2.4M followers, Cassey is definitely one of the top TikTok fitness pilates influencers. She is a fitness coach who can give you a personalized workout plan based on your fitness goals. Apart from her regular workout videos, she also posts wellness, fashion and health videos.

via ©danaimak_ on TikTok

Whether you're looking to learn different techniques for working out your legs without equipment or trying to spice up your pushup routine, Dani's TikTok can give you the new ideas you want (not to mention an emphasis on letting yourself have fun with fitness).

via ©lillysabri

If you want to lose belly fat but you don't want to have to do a long workout every day, then she is literally the best thing. We have been doing her workout videos for 5 days and still eating normally and we can already see results!

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