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Tracy Anderson is a celebrity fitness pioneer to which she is best known for her revolutionary 'Tracy Anderson Method' can give anyone—regardless of their genetic shape — strong, lean muscles and create balance where there is imbalance in their body. Tracy has helped countless celebrities transform their bodies, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Tracee Ellis Ross, Alessandra Ambrosio, Victoria Beckham, Nicole Richie, Robert Downey Jr, Olivia Palermo, Hilary Rhoda, and even Miss Piggy. The beauty of the Tracy Anderson Method, though, is that people everywhere can get access to the same training, and the same perpetually evolving regimens as the red carpet’s biggest stars, either in one of the Tracy Anderson studios - or in their own living rooms.

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Growing up in Indian, USA, Tracy learned the art of dancing from a young age. Being born into a family of dance instructors, she initially wished to become a professional dancer. However, her time in New York City lead her to gain an unhealthy 40lbs which unfortunately led her to abandon her dreams of becoming a professional ballet dancer. This eventually led her to focus on weight loss/fitness training. After researching into fitness and weight loss, she did a five-year study on 150 women on creating balance in the bodies wherever there is imbalance. This meant researching how your muscles affected your joints, hormones and the brain collectively. She believed in making a difference in people's lives without having to lie to the consumer.


I was like, “You care about these players, I care about all of the girls in dance school being able to dance without having to just eat lettuce or smoke cigarettes.” So, I put my hand up and said I wanted to learn how to help, and I never looked back.


Over five years, she created custom workouts and diets — which she maintained every 10 days to keep the accessory muscles consistently engaged—and tracked and graphed her findings. While all of the women came to her with wildly different genetic backgrounds and body types, Tracy gave each and every one of them long, lean muscles.

In short, she had figured out how to harness and deliver the elusive dancer’s body.


In 2006, Tracy found herself being contacted by Gwyneth Paltrow to help her lose weight from the birth of her second child. Gwyneth lost 11 inches in the first 10 days. Stunned, Gwyneth determined that every woman should have access to Tracy’s method, and the two became business partners. Over the past two decades, the Tracy Anderson Method has grown and evolved, though the basic premise remains the same: Tracy continues to develop thousands of new routines to ensure that no client ever plateaus.

What Is The Tracy Anderson Method?

Promoting the fact that Tracy's ethos comes from mind, body & soul, she believes that losing weight and keeping fit is not all about having overdeveloped muscles as a bodybuilder or athletically training. She refers to each of her clients as her 'project'. Typically, she integrates dance into her workouts, which her clients always find more fun and the best part of it; they claim they rarely have sore muscles the next day! She tailors her workouts to each individual body type and does not stereotype the 'classic' workout. She actually believes that women should never use weights heavier than 3lbs.


Testimony from Courtney Cox:


"I have seen amazing results that I never thought were possible. My butt has lifted, my arms are sculpted, and my skin is tight and actually clings to the muscle again."

Workout Out Like Tracy

Over the past two decades, Tracy Anderson has grown and evolved and has opened gym locations spanning across Los Angeles, New York City, The Hamptons, Spain and London. Her studios are membership based and offer customised methods focusing on fitness, nutrition and overall wellness. An initial body consultation is scheduled to establish individual needs and goals with regularly scheduled progress check-ins.


In addition to the studios, since 2015 Tracy launched her online fitness programme called TA Live Classes. Each week, subscribers receive new workouts filmed in real-time at one of her studios. The classes range from intermediate muscular design to advanced cardio workouts. Tracy's online classes became a huge hit during the pandemic! With everyone staying at home, people had to learn a new way to workout. Her virtual classes were the perfect way to do this. She also regularly uploads fitness workouts on YouTube for the ones that don't have time for a full class.

Tracy Anderson's 15 Minute Workout

Tracy states that all you need to work out is a cushioned mat – something that protects your joints. She goes on to say: "then I’d say a set of 3lb weights and two sets of ankle weights: one small 1.5lb and one larger 2.5lb. I could do anything to anyone’s body with those four things."


"If I just had to pick one thing to get my mood up it would be to turn on a song that me and my daughter love, and dance. Dancing always makes me feel good; it gets happy hormones going and you can do it anywhere. Taylor Swift’s last album was spectacular and I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers is one of my all-time favourite songs."


"I would say you are worth more than five minutes and you have to do better than that for yourself. On a cellular level, your body can’t do anything in five minutes, you deserve 30 minutes to actually make something happen and improve your body’s longevity. We are miraculously fascinating creatures, and we haven’t always treated ourselves that way, but we need to get back to it. So, take that five minutes and redo your schedule so that you can give yourself half an hour of exercise a day. Someone can do my beginner class in 30 minutes and make a big difference."

Tracy suggests working out in something that does not disrupt anywhere in your body, meaning there’s not a tight band around your waist or your boobs, sucking you in. You don’t want anything that is a disruptor to your circulatory system or to your body’s ability to make micro transfers between muscles. I like soft and seamless – it needs to feel comfortable.


"If you can’t take a nap in what you’re working out in, it’s not right."

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