MONREAL LONDON Seamless Zen Tank

CHF 118.00 CHF CHF 48.00 CHF

A seamfree circular knit construction eliminates side seams. As a result potential chafing when exercising is reduced greatly, the Monreal London Seamless Zen Tank is a combination of rib and plain knit patterns allows for body shaping and excellent fit. Featuring a super lightweight polyamide yarn combined with a garment dye finishing process make our seamless styles super soft to the touch. One of the most comfortable pieces you will have ever worn. Pairs perfectly with the MONREAL LONDON Energy Leggings.


  • 100% Polyamide
  • Fitted
  • Super soft to the touch


  • A unique interlock rib knit structure makes this top extremely adaptable and stretchy.
  • Only two sizes are necessary to cater for all body sizes.
  • Full Length: 60cm

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