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Danni (@coach. Danni) is a fitness instructor at fit lab and part of our #sportlestribe. Read our exclusive interview with her and discover about her ambitions, lifestyle, favorite activewear designers and even her favorite workout song she can't live without.

Author SPORT.LES / Published: Sept-25-2019


Looking for outfit inspiration for fashion week? At SPORT.LES we bring you our curated selection of the best street style outfits to shine at the front row. Chiara Ferragni, Nina Uc, Alo Yoga, Onzie, Blanc Noir, P.E Nation and more.

Author SPORT.LES / Published: Sept-17-2019

Camouflage leggings are the new black. This trendy patter is everywhere. That's why SPORT.LES curates for you a special edit: how to wear camouflage activewear at the urban jungle. Let's go!

Author SPORT.LES / Published: Sept-17-2019

You ask, we answer. At SPORT.LES we bring you the finest jackets made in USA to improve your activewear & everyday-wear wardrobe. Blanc noir defines the new era in functional fashion by designing clothing that seamlessly carries you from morning coffee - gym - client meeting and to a night on the town.

Author SPORT.LES / Published: Sept-13-2019

Glitter socks are better socks! That's why SPORT.LES Blog introduce you our new premium designer: shashi socks. Patterned accents deliver super savvy style on the studio floor or with your everyday wardrobe with this must-have trend:

Author SPORT.LES / Published: Sept-10-2019

At Sport.LES we've rounded up the best new season outfits for any kind of fitness activity. Whether you prefer to go for a run, cycle your heart out at spin class or hold a sweaty yoga pose. Here's our list of the best activewear clothes for women:

Author SPORT.LES / Published: Sept-1-2019

We love bags, but we love them more if they are eco-friendly. At Sport.LES we would like to share with you our special selection of essential accessories for modern life to carry you from studio to streets.

Author SPORT.LES / Published: Sept-6-2019

Sometimes we try to emulate the looks we seen on the runaways, but maybe we don't care about the planet and the welfare and dignity of the people involved in the process. It doesn't happens with SPORT.LES clothes: we believe in Fashion with Integrity. If you want to delve more into Ethical Fashion, you should watch these must fashion documentaries:

Author SPORT.LES / Published: Aug-9-2019

Fitness bloggers, we see them everywhere. Instagram is bursting with sources of inspiration to get us to the gym, crossfit, yoga... We decided to hand-pick a special selection of our 5 top fitness fashion bloggers to follow on instagram if you love fitness fashion. Just here!

Author SPORT.LES / Published: Aug-27-2019

Ticking both sporty and casual style boxes, Sport.LES offers you the P.E NATION HEADS ROUND SWEAT IN BLUE, an easy-wear crewneck with a contrast P.E puff print on the front. Here's three ways to wear it, from studio to streets:

Author SPORT.LES / Published: Aug-21-2019

With an astounding 2 million followers on Instagram and a growing army of loyal fans, Alo Yoga is set to take the world by storm. If you’re looking for a new pair of leggings, you’re in the right place! With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at the brand and some FAQs about their amazing legging models:

Author SPORT.LES / Published: Aug-13-2019

While countless cities around the world implement bans on single-use plastic, fashion designers are producing biodegradable and compostable substrates, utilizing eco-friendly alternatives throughout their designs. Here there is our favorite selection:

Author SPORT.LES / Published: Aug-6-2019

Biker shorts are so affordable and versatile. Whether you’re wearing them out with a cropped T-shirt or layering them under a slip dress that's gathered, we fully approve. If you’re ready to give them a shot but still unsure of how to wear them, We're sharing five outfits anyone can try.

Author SPORT.LES / Published: Jul-29-2019

Did you know? Smoothies are incredibly healthy for you! Their topping, flavors and colors become strikingly beautiful in bowls. Beauty is a special kind of treat in the morning. Discover here our 5 favorite smoothie bowls!

Author SPORT.LES / Published: Jul-24-2019

Have a yoga retreat this summer is a MUST. What it means? it's all about taking time out to go a special and beautiful gift that you can give yourself. And we have all you need for!

Author SPORT.LES / Published: Jul-19-2019

Ethical Fashion is an umbrella term to describe ethical fashion design, production, retail, and purchasing. Sport.LES curates premium activewear & leisurewear designers with a commitment to the highest level of practices in their design and production processes. Why? Check our post!

Author SPORT.LES / Published: Jul-17-2019

Megan Herak is the founder and Chief Creative Officer at S.L. The last 16 years have been spent working in the fashion industry and the past 4 years in the active and fitness industry including retail director and buyer at luxury studios in NYC. Do you want to know more? Click below!

Author SPORT.LES / THE ENTREPRENEURAL JOURNEY / Published: Jun-07-2019

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