At SPORTLES we are dedicated on working with designers and companies that are ethical in their practices. The process and location where the garments are produced is a determining factor when choosing to partner with designers. Our customers come to us when looking for the unconventional brands know for ethical practices, high quality garments, and safe work environments

"At Alo Yoga we’re all about keeping things kind and clean, from the way we make our clothes to the amount of daily waste we produce (our awesome office recycling program reduces it down to that of a household!). We’re 100% sweatshop free and we’ve worked hard to earn a globally-accredited platinum certification from WRAP"

"MICHI’s sustainability efforts have been recognized by Positive Luxury, which awards its Butterfly Mark to brands that are committed to responsible business practices and mindful design, for our measurable impact and company wide commitments to sustainability"



We have shifted to compostable shipping packaging with The Better Packaging Co.!

They believe in responsibility towards the environment and we agree. Their company’s existence is not singular, it is part of a bigger system of people, values, communities, organizations and nature. This is what makes a truly sustainable business.

"I’m partly made from plants, corn to be exact, with a binding agent/resin added for flexibility. And the best bit … I’m home compostable!"

"When you’ve finished using me, just put me in with your food scraps and garden waste. Better for the environment, better for our oceans, a better tomorrow!"

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