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The word Nue means to be different, to be redefining. The Nue Co. is a natural food-state supplement company who manufacture in a lab with over 20 years experience, based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. Based on plant proteins all their probiotic products are free from fillers and bulking ingredients, which means these blends are concentrated, potent and pure.

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The Nue Co. Milo (Boosted Mexican Hot Chocolate) Recipe You Need This Autumn

Author SPORT.LES / Published: August-25-2020



Focused on the Danish principles of simplicity and creativity, Jules Miller started wellness brand The Nue Co. after years of trying vitamins to support her lifestyle. Based in London and LA, it's committed to creating responsibly sourced supplements using organic foods. Simply add a teaspoon to hot or cold drinks to boost your skin, energy and digestive system.

A breakthrough range of supplements designed to redefine our attitudes to health, The Nue Co. offers targeted solutions to a swathe of common problems – from promoting gut health and supporting stress management to bolstering immunity and easing muscle aches.

Combining innovative science with natural ingredients, London-born founder and CEO, Jules Miller, has made it her mission to upgrade the supplement space with her thoughtful, results-driven range of drops, powders and capsules that promise a tangible boost to wellbeing in just 30 days.

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