Terez is a brand ambassador for female empowerment, it was created by two best friends on the basis of love, freedom of expression and positivity. Tevez activewear is constantly innovating and getting its inspiration from all around us. Terez clothing wants all women to express their individuality and be positive about themselves. Terez is solely crafted in New York City, launching the very latest of clothing. Terez clothing has as much energy as the people who wear them. They are made from the finest fabrics and are great for the gym to the street. 

Proudly made in the USA, Terez combines both commitments to quality and an everlasting passion to design unique women's activewear, that breaks boundaries and brings smiles to your faces. By wearing Terez, you are supporting a strong independent movement by women for women who shine the light of confident self-expression.

Terez Yoga Activewear Athleisure Streetwear
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