LNA was Launched in 2007 by California based designers Lauren Alexander and April Leight. They had an idea of creating and crafting the ideal men's inspired t-shirt for women. Over time, LNA has evolved into designing full, seasonal collections for women. LNA prides itself in having many loyal celebrities following their brand such as Kate Moss, Ryan Gosling and many more. Furthermore, they have been also featured in all major fashion magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Harpers Bazaar.

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Tees are a great wear! Worn mostly by comfort and simplicity, SportLes recommends getting back to the basics tinged with fashion and attitude. As far as getting that comfy, relaxed feel found in shirts LNA has plenty to offer. Known for creating the coolest, soft cotton shirts, LNA is the utmost Californian brand, making their products as the perfect tees around in relaxed styles. While SoCal paves the way as a great inspiration for the brand’s clothing, there’s plenty more behind LNA’s basic, minimalistic look. Each piece is made with cool designs, and is carefully crafted. It speaks of femininity and comfort which is all what a shirt does for women.

Who is the founder of LNA CLOTHING?

April Leight, one of LNA’s co-founders underscores social media, marketing and warm support from celebrities LNA has garnered while Lauren Alexander gives details on LNA’s vision and the brand’s creative process. The brand began with the fundamental idea of making a men’s inspired tees for women. Lauren Alexander was really just looking to include a new mark to everyday clothing that she thought was lacking. Thereafter, LNA’s notion to create a flawlessly slouchy and super soft shirt that looked like it was taken from a man’s closet was from a decade ago. As the years went by, LNA Clothing evolved into a collection full of essentials, inspired by the West Coast vibe. LNA began with four basics: basic tank, racer back, crew neck and v-neck v-neck, crew neck in three hues and prompted the selling process. The brand was such a success that LNA now makes tees with more designs over the years.
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